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Arti-Facts! Blue-Green Combo

Today we've got a fun blue and green combo list. We've seen StrifeCro play this list so now lets see if we can take it for a spin ourselves! The deck is the most combo-like deck I've played in Artifact. It can randomly just kill your opponent's tower in one turn if given the chance. 

These three cards are so powerful together. Kanna has such an amazing signature card in Prey on the Weak that can sometimes be used defensively. Combine that card with Emissary of the Quorum and you can easily set up an OTK (One Turn Kill)! I personally think Incarnation of Selemene may be a bit too powerful and might need some nerfing but I certainly will play it while I can!! The card can just help you draw to your heart's content. Especially if it's in a lane with Ogre Magi! The dream is to Multicast on a Foresight and draw until we're in Christmas Land! 

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This deck is the perfect deck for you if you're a fan of combo decks! Just beware the nasty Claszureme Hourglass !! This card will lock up all your additional draws and keep note that they stack so if your opponent has two Hourglasses, then it locks your freshly drawn cards for two rounds. I also think this could use a third copy of Annihilation. The card is just too good not to have. If you decide this is the deck for you, be ready to have a soft early game, so use your Cunning Plan defensively and be ready to take a ton of damage on your towers early and equip the weaker lanes with Unearthed Secrets!


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