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Arti-Facts! Blue-Red Control

Welcome to the first Artifact Goldfish video!

How these videos will work is as an intermediate entry point for newer players who understand the basics and are looking to get into constructed! We're going to run decks through a five game league to see how well they do and then we'll give a consensus of the deck at the end! 

I felt it was finally time to showcase my favorite deck in the Artifact Meta.... Blue-Red control! This deck is really just a bunch of board wipes. Cards like At Any Cost are such MVPs as it's a cheap and efficient way to deal with a minion and hero packed board! This deck uses it's health as a resource so don't be afraid to do so!



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Final Verdict:

The deck performed at the caliber I expected it to. I did drop a game but I've had multiple perfect runs! This is a must craft for any control mage out there! I've seen other variants using Kanna instead of Ogre Magi but I personally love Multicast way too much to say no to it and I think there's a discussion to go down to two copies of Smash Their Defenses! for another Routed and down a Time of Triumph for a third Conflagration


Thanks for watching and I'll see you at the next one!!

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